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Due to CoronaVirus, limited to 5ppl/time, always 6’ apart, all outdoors, optional gloves provided, own helmets encouraged, & triple-sanitization practiced.




hello, FUN !

Enjoy a small-group, 6-20 mile, guided two-hour pedal-assist e-BIKE experience around downtown Winston-Salem with a choice of 2 tours or we can customize an excursion elsewhere just for you (think picnic)! All upon a USA-designed PEDEGO bicycle that will help you pedal up the hills while experiencing unforgettable thrills !

Our round trip narrated tours include e-BIKE orientation (but we do not teach basic bike-riding skills) for those already clearly competent and confident to pedal upon City streets, etc. And after your 2-hour tour experience, you may apply your purchase toward a new or pre-owned PEDEGO e-BIKE loaded into your trunk or delivered to your door (folded or rigid)!