Totally SALEM Tour

Quick Details

Duration: 2 hours

Some areas we visit:

  • MESDA facility
  • Where President George drank/slept
  • Moravian cultures
  • God’s Acre
  • Oldest women’s college
  • First Krispy Kreme

Discover Salem on Segways

Join us “mostly on Mondays” for a two-hour fully-narrated Main Street tour of Old Salem and cruise throughout the surrounding area that includes Salem Academy, Salem College, five Salem cemeteries, and experience a totally Salem orientation! Let’s explore Salem together with stops at the first Krispy Kreme store, the oldest women’s college and other awesome places in the area.

All TEA tours begin with an indoor safety orientation with all participants required to wear a helmet to ensure a safe and fun adventure (bring your own or one will be provided to you)! No open-toed shoes, please.

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  • Chevron down Meeting Point
  • Meet us at our headquarters at the Gateway:
    176 YWCA Way
    Winston Salem, NC 27127

    There is free parking available in our parking lot. Please don’t park blocking our ramp as gliders will be using the ramp.

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  • Segway PT tours can accommodate two gliders between ages 10-13 utilizing a NineBot Segway PT unit (minimum height 4’6″ and minimum weight 45 lbs). Otherwise, all other gliders are required to be at least 14 years of age. Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent and have a parent sign the waiver. Gliders must be between 100 and 260 lbs to ride the Segway PT and of a height able to adequately balance the adjustable handle.

  • Chevron down Please Remember
    • Wear comfortable flat, closed-toe shoes such as sneakers/tennis shoes. Gliders cannot wear high heels or open-toed shoes
    • Pregnant women or anyone suffering from vertigo (or on medication affecting their balance or good judgment) are not allowed to ride Segway PTs for safety reasons
    • Dress for the weather! We operate shine or rain!
    • Our tour guides will do their absolute best to provide you with world-class service. Typical optional gratuities range from 15-20% as you may see fit!