Hal B

Hal B

Our pioneer and tribal leader, Hal B, graduated from SMU and WFU (MBA), serving on local boards of outing clubs, JA, (etc.) throughout the Triad. Most importantly, he’s passionate about our people, places, and culture!



Tour guide extraordinaire, Deanna devours history, which she enjoys sharing at every street corner with you! Once we get you trained, Deanna is hard to keep up with…on a Segway or SUP!

Sarah F


Sarah F

Sarah F., a graduate student at UNCG, is our special weapon when it comes to customer service; she delivers, whether on-site for Segway needs or repairs, or paddleboard and e-bike sales. There is nothing Sarah cannot do for you!

Christian M

a woman sitting on a boat in the water

OMG, what a local student and what a local tour guide! Studying both music and business at Salem College, Christian is also completing an internship with us at our office.

Alexa Z

a person smiling for the camera

“Goodness” is the best way to describe Alexa.  As a fluent bilingual graduate of Commercial Tourism from ASU, her attention-to-detail and understanding of our many moving parts makes her prepared for whatever our future might require.  In addition to being an experienced paddle-boarder, you will also enjoy finding her leading electric-Bike rides, Segway glides, and likely every special event.  Alexa learns how to get it done, and then shares unselfishly with others. All good all the time!

Kathy S

a man standing in front of a bus

We are very blessed to have Kathy’s periodic assistance driving safely throughout the Triad.  Nicknamed our “Dolly-of-the-Trolley”, Kathy is a joy to work with and a joy to be seen in many Trolley photos that include a group of men.  She takes initiative like no other to know our customer, to explore the route, and to provide 5-star personal service at every opportunity ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mark H

Charles Nelson Reilly standing in front of a bus

Mark does it “all”…. leads terrific SEGWAY and eBIKE excursions, exudes safety and care while driving our Trolleys, and pitches in constantly to polish Trolley brass, to give our equipment a bath, and to help throughout our Community relations.  Five big stars to Mark ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tiffany C

a person standing in front of a bus

We can never have enough of Tiffany!  In addition to being a superior CDL safe-driver for us (& you), her personality screams “Welcome” to each and every Trolley passenger. She is tall, athletic, and always contributes heavily in providing you with a winning team.  🏆

Randy B

a man standing in front of a bus

Randy is a jolly Trolley Driver for us at absolutely every opportunity!  In addition, he leads our specialty food Trolley Tours with wisdom, experience, and hunger…. hot-dogs, BBQ, hamburgers, tacos, pretzels, farmer’s markets, you-name-it, Randy knows Triad food!    And he will drive you there safely to enjoy some ….      🌭🌮🍔🥨🍛

Wendell S

a man and a woman sitting at a train station

It doesn’t get any better than Wendell, when it comes to professional local driving!  Spending decades instructing other CDL-Drivers, he continues to provide tips and coaching to the rest of us at every opportunity.  Always arrives early and often stays late to be certain the details are executed correctly and completely. 🎯

Luis G

a man standing next to a bus

Our repeat Trolley customers often ask again for Luis!  A terrific communicator in two languages, his charm is obvious to every passenger prior to departure.   Too often, groups of our lady customers also insist on a photo with Luis.  He is also a very smooth Trolley operator too!  You can’t not love Luis 💕