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Don’t Worry…. Be Healthy!


If you can afford the time (& have the foresight to invest in yourself), then carve out a few hours for a local outdoor activity that might reconnect you with your Community, some local History, portions of the Triad landscape, and yourself. Even better if done with friends, coworkers, family, neighbors, or fellow church members.

By our examples, if I may indulge, tool around town on two wheels: either an pedal-assist electric Bicycle or upon a self-balancing Segway “PT” (personal transporter). The narrated TOUR you might choose makes no difference, as they are all good…. and good for you!

You might also skip the narrated portion and just consider a local e-bike RENTAL for your healthy behavior. If not an eBike, perhaps a paddle-board… which often “should” necessitate a PaddleFit instructor (we have those too). And once this local, healthy behavior becomes addicting, there always shall be more things-todo options. You choose the time, place, and activity. Yippie-skippy. Don’t worry, be healthy!

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