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Paddleboard Safety

a person riding on the back of a boat in a body of water

What is “SAFETY 1st” when it comes to PaddleBoarding? Like most things, safety begins with your awareness, knowledge, and skills:

~ do you know how to swim (well)?
~ who is to be paddling with you?
~ is the weather warm enough?
~ are you to paddle on a pond, a lake, or a river?
~ what are the depths where you are paddling?
~ what is your level of SUP experience? And theirs?
~ when you think of safety gear, what do you include?
~ weather forecast to begin, during, & done?
~ what is the best safety leash for you?
~ do you have a checklist of what to bring/include?

Our PaddleFit mindset for paddle-board instruction and touring includes coaching in all of these issues, and more. When building your SUP foundation, we begin at the beginning. Our PaddleFit initial session should then be followed by practice, practice, and practice. Good structure builds with good habits, right from the beginning. Our PaddleFit team is just there to provide you guidance to become the best “you” upon the water, safely! Call to schedule a Group session at a local Triad lake of your choice (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point).

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