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Attending Tour Operator Conferences

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Who knew there was a National trade conference “for” Tour/Activity Operators? We have now attended at least 3 of these conventions in an effort to learn more from others in our trades (Electric Bikes, PaddleBoarding, Trolleys, Segways), and indeed we have learned!

Behind the scenes, our small tourism business is supported by valuable transaction and supplier partners. These tour operator conferences are a feeding-frenzy for those type of opportunists, for which some of the introductions have resulted in savings, coverage, and enhancements to what we provide to our valued customers and prospects. We do value “continuing improvements”!

In addition, it is always good for at least one of us to get out of town among global peers to be refreshed with discoveries elsewhere in the USA… away from our daily routine and distractions. Having a “growth mindset” requires awareness, effort, some work, reflection, and observing how others to doing things well too.

One a year… looking forward to someone from Team TEA to always attend and to return with golden nuggets of hope and progress for our 4 Activities and business operations.

Come pedal, paddle, glide, and ride along with us at every opportunity 🏆

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