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a person jumping in the air on a snow covered slope
Finding your FLOW is not easy-peasy, nor has it ever been. The easiest way to describe remarkable FLOW is to observe (& experience) extreme snow-skiing rhythms…. it is what occurs “between your turns”, while enjoying the challenges and thrill of gravity.

But FLOW can be discovered (observed) in most every activity too, if you let it. Certainly part of FLOW is attitude, and altitude. Being high while riding a Bike does not involve drugs (nor should it ever). But enjoying a Bike-ride might very well be a part of finding your highest and most remarkable FLOW, at least if you “let” it.

FLOW is pretty easy to discover while PaddleBoarding too, or even more so with skillful WindSurfing. Fun “things-to-do” most often include becoming “ONE” with the earth (wind, water, sun, atmosphere, gravity), from which genuine FLOW flows.

Our Segways provide self-balancing, for example, but they can’t balance with out you on board. Thus, at some point your FLOW upon a Segway supports both your day and your safety. Engaging an instructor can contribute heavily to finding your FLOW….

All of our Activities @ TEA include instruction and orientation.

Our experienced Guides typically know their FLOW, and simply enjoy sharing much of theirs with you…. as time, weather, and circumstances will allow. FLOW is personal and individual, this Blog just wanted to shine some light of it upon you. Enjoy!

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