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Lane 3

a close up of a preserver

Oh my, YES, lane #3…. with lane #4 right there right next to it. If you are a swimmer or a fan of swimming, everyone knows that “lane 3” is supposed to win. Which is why I have always been a fan of lanes #6 and #1, for several reasons.

First of all, nothing is guaranteed to anyone. Ask Michael Phelps, now. The applause should certainly go to lanes 3 (and 4) because they have demonstrated the discipline, the passion, the determination, and the results. Ya gotta love it 🙂

But maybe so have lanes 1 and 6. If you are looking (or coaching) for the team to win, and where you might just make the most difference, then we must appreciate and always applaud lanes 1 and 6 too, (to name a few). They just might bring tears of joy to your eyes, sometimes, as well. And isn’t it those sometimes what we live for most (instead of all-the-times)?

Just saying. Personally, I would “ask” my coach for #6. Or if that was not available, lane 1 would do. No unreal expectations, that might even be followed by disappointment …..just an opportunity. Those ladders that stick out in lanes 1 and 6 are not a problem, just another obstacle to work around. And also another chance to sharpen your flip-turn for times you just might need it to be so.

And who looks at lanes 1 and 6 anyway, certainly not those in 3 and 4. Nor the “fans”. But when the deed needs to be done and the points need to be made, for the team, there you go… let er rip, potato-chip, and win the race anyway! Just saying. Discipline, commitment, determination, extremely hard work, skills training (continuing improvement), and holding no absolute expectations (entitlement) just might surprise you, and everyone else.

Go for it, pick your own lane.