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an orange truck parked in front of a building

FLAT spots, our world has plenty of them, doesn’t yours? Even in roller-coaster rides, both on top and near the bottom, where they appear (thank goodness)! Sometimes they are supposed to be there, and sometimes they are NOT.

It reminded me while I was playing tennis early this morning, that most of all they are unexpected until one (or several) actually surfaces in your day (or in your life). And there we were, at newly resurfaced blue & green tennis courts, with each of the three balls seemingly to hit a FLAT spot on the surface everywhere. Game ON.

So deal with it, learning to adjust with every swing. Really, it wasn’t the ball.

Something on the playing field completely out of my control. Perhaps the absence of a primer as the first coat, or maybe simply a frozen night after the initial color coat. (You see, I actually used to install tennis courts so sorta had a clue). But still, Game ON.

Once we got going, going back & forth, guess what? The FLAT spots everywhere were no longer any issue WHATSOEVER! Only the score, or the next serve, was the important FOCUS. Mission at hand (pun intended). Heck, we had so much fun and healthy exercise, that we are returning back there tomorrow morning…..FLAT spots and all. BEAT the heat!