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a stool in front of a body of water

BLOG #5 (but who is counting?)


At first thought, “E” stands for EXCELLENCE. And also for Entrepreneurship. But entrepreneurship alone does not assure excellence, not hardly.

At least the cat did have the courage to start a business, we can suppose. But what kinda condition might his/her condition be in? If you are familiar with big-businesses struggles, then small businesses will seem be more so, because it is personal. Which is in complete contrast to much public perception.

Excellence is often subjective, not always recognizable when we observe it. Sometimes with tears of joy (& prayer) when we do, yet it often arrives with tears of pain. Most folks can readily chat about entrepreneurship and excellence, most typically as a spectator. Entrepreneurial excellence is a never-ending evasive journey, with more knock-downs than most spectators could begin to stomach. Yet true entrepreneurs do, so often too often.

A mentor once demonstrated how a 3-legged stool will not stand strong unless each leg is of solid construction. Herein lies the problem of both excellence and entrepreneurship, as most folks may indeed be strong at one or two foundations. But not only do they (we) need to grow more “excellence” within those skills that we do know well, but the other foundations of successful entrepreneurship need excellence in skills & execution too.

Agreed? Then, excellent!