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“Segway” aka “Segue”

a man riding a skateboard down a street next to a tree

Who knew, a noun or a verb? And which came first (hint: invented in the USA approximately 13 years ago). Either way, it spells F-U-N, in a unique kinda way…. as either a noun or a verb.

I was first introduced to “Segway” in Dallas @ SMU, while first pursuing a Journalism degree. I say “pursuing”, because I also worked full-time for an airline (one that still exists) and I would take whatever degree would “segway” me to completing undergraduate school. As it turned out, they mailed me two (degrees, not Segways).

As I recall, in the course of also starting a magazine (Metroplex Sportsman) during college (launched during summer break) with one of my professors, this became a “Segway” into learning how to bass fish (@ 5:30 in the morning).

In Texas, you apparently must start early because it gets rather hot rather early. We usually caught our limit by 10 am, so we were off the water soon thereafter. Actually, I did not catch my limit but the fellows I would write the articles about caught their limit. And then we had a long drive back.

But there are not as many bass fish in North Carolina, at least not back then. After graduating from SMU, & after leaving the airline and selling my part of the magazine, I drove up here pulling my new bass boat to begin a new business (paving & roofing, go figure). Actually, it too had been a class project (since I couldn’t always make a class, I had to make things up). The business school called it entrepreneurialism, back then.

But when I arrived here, I discovered that nearby Belews Lake had only recently been filled with water (this was the late ’70s). And that High Rock Lake was rather muddy (couldn’t even see the fish). So, this was my “segway”, then, into competitive water-skiing.

In any case, around here (in the late ’70s), to catch your limit you had to stay out fishing most of the day. Boring. So I soon sold the bass boat and bought a pontoon boat, with which I was slowly able to teach my young daughter (yes, I married the airline stewardess) how to water ski. It became her boat, which she could then drive at a very early age. This allowed me to buy a ski boat, from which she eventually made the water-ski team @ the University of Texas.

How did this “segway” into what I am doing now? Not real sure, but its still fun to be wide awake at 5:30 in the morning. And now we know some of the rest of the story. Perhaps later we can diatribe a bit about windsurfing and paddle-boarding too. But for now, I might need to glide upon a Segway. Wanna tour?

What is your “segway” story?