Private Parade

Anytime is a good time to be in costume! Pull together your own private parade or jump into one of our upcoming seasonal tours.

Your own private parade can tour downtown or we’ll bring our fleet of Segway PTs to you, so you can flash-mob the location of your choice! Making a grand entrance in full costume is serious head-turning fun!

If you’d like to hear about our seasonal Segway PT costume tours, be sure to like and follow us on social media to stay informed of our upcoming nuttiness.
NOTE: To ensure maximum visual awareness, only open-faced masks are permitted (see examples to the right). Helmets are also required, so think about integrating a helmet — yours or ours — into your costume.

ALERT: You may experience facial pain brought on by extreme laughing and smiling.

An important note:
Alcohol/drug consumption before or during your Segway PT adventure is strictly prohibited. The machines you’re riding (and our insurance company!) require total sobriety. However, achieving a lack of sobriety after your tour or activity is completely up to you!

For larger private groups, there shall be an 18% service and gratuity charge added for instructors/guides


Why not combine your group Segway tour with a breakfast or lunch stop? This can offer a fun escape with your friends or coworkers.

We’ll make the arrangements so you and your posse can just show up and enjoy the glide. Current glide/seating capacity is at 10!

BREAKFAST Segway PT Tours:
Anytime around sunrise (or after), enjoy a Segway PT glide over to an appropriate local breakfast location enjoying the morning together from the get-go. Pick your time, pick your place or allow us to select for you!

LUNCH Segway PT Tours:
Great outdoor excursion and fun for a midday meal via your own modern Segway PT, including some tasty sightseeing and delicious belly-filling. Pick your time, pick your place or allow us to select for you!

Plan A:
Allow at least an hour and 15 minutes for this short and sweet, enjoyable glide over to a mouth-watering meal destination, taking a long way back.

Plan B:
Allow up to two hours. The full enchilada! Includes full narration with a much longer glide in both directions.

Plan C:
Longer than two hours, inquire within (you tell us how long you would like).


This one is different (no joke). Nothing is ever as real as it seems (and this is one of those times).

If you get offended easily, stay home. This is a specialty tour available when specifically booked for specialty groups (up to 13 people).


This tour is a great tool for your group’s fundraising efforts. Let’s get a figurehead to lead your next fundraiser with up to 13 donors gliding along behind your own VIP, CEO, city mayor, council member, visiting dignitary, etc. Call us to help you grow visibility and needed funds!

Meet us downtown or we’ll bring our fleet of Segways to you.